What Does The PTA Do?

  • We bring parents, children, teachers and staff together for inclusive social and cultural events to build relationships and strengthen our school community.
  • We support extra-curricular resources, activities and experiences that enrich our children’s learning experience.
  • We raise and allocate funds to enable these objectives.

What do I have to do to join the PTA?

As a parent or carer you’re ALREADY a member of the PTA and your ideas and input are always welcome. You can be as involved as you want to be by:

  • Attending the monthly committee meetings – they are open to everyone (although only committee members can vote)
  • Supporting our fundraising activities, like the Auction of Promises
  • Supporting our community-building activities, like the Lantern Procession or Harvest Festival

What if I want to get even more involved?

  • If you want to become even more involved with the PTA you can become a committee member through a voting process
  • Committee members get to vote on important decisions about raising and spending money
  • For those who want to take on more responsibility there are also leading roles such as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the Committee

How does the PTA raise money?

  • The Auction of Promises is our major fundraiser. Parents and local businesses pledge gifts and experiences which are then auctioned off. The 2015 event raised over £12,000!
  • The monthly Lottery prize draw gives parents the chance to win over £100. Monthly standing orders support this fundraising activity, and parents can also do a ‘Special Pledge’ if they do not want to be involved in gambling.
  • We will gratefully accept donations and welcome fundraising initiatives from parents or other supporters.
  • We are also open to corporate sponsorship. If your organisation has Corporate Social Responsibility Department – we would love to hear from you.

How will I hear about what the PTA is up to?

  • Look out for notices in the weekly school newsletter and on the PTA noticeboard. Check out your child’s bookbag for flyers and your inbox for emails from the school office. We also send out occasional texts using the school “text alert” system.

How we does the PTA allocate funds?

Decisions about funding are made by the committee. Here are our priorities:

  • Our first spending priority is to make all day-trips free. Each year we make over a tranche of money to the Head Teacher who allocates it across all the different year groups. We also underwrite some places on the residential trips so that no child is left behind due to their family’s financial circumstances.
  • Our second spending priority is to invest in non-religious, inclusive events which bring the whole community together, such as The Harvest Festival, The International Food event, The Festival of Lights and The Quiz Night. Parents can come to the committee with the suggestions to put on a community-building event, for both children or parents.

When Does The PTA Meet?

PTA meetings are held (typically) on the last Friday of the month at 8:00am-9:00am at school. See the school newsletter for the dates of upcoming meetings or contact any member of Committee.