The Committee

The PTA Committee is voted in once a year at our Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in coming onto the committee to help guide the work of the PTA please come along to the meeting. You don’t need any special qualifications – just a desire to make the children’s school experience even better and to build our community. The meetings are held on the last Friday of each month at 8am in the school library.

We need to elect new Co-Chairs – please come forward if you would like to lead the PTA.


Heveline Revenu and Simon McAndrew – Co-Chairs
Loic Fossiez – Treasurer
Sara Archer – Deputy Treasurer
Eva Stenram and Jassi Randell  – Secretaries


Sara Archer – parent
Loic Fossiez – parent
Herveline Revenu – parent
Simon McAndrew – parent
Eva Stenram – parent
Jassi Randell – parent
Louise Ketley – parent
Melissa Price – parent
Mitra Karvandi-Smith – parent
Kate Mason – Prior Weston School

Committee Members

Heveline Revenu, Simon McAndrew, Loic Fossiez, Louise Ketley, Nicole Scott, Jassi Randell, Kelly Ewers, Eva Stenram