School Programs/Initiatives

Some examples:

Bev Newman, Deputy Head, received £700 for 2019-2020 and £1,150 for 2020-2021 to support Islington’s Reading Road Map program. The Reading Road Map is an initiative that has been created to help encourage children to develop a new passion for reading with different up to date books, authors and genres and a ‘roadmap’ to explore them.

In June of 2019 we gave £500 towards Project Week. An exciting time at the end of the year that enriches the education of all years and encourages cross subject and cross year learning opportunities.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we gave £5,000 to the London Music Masters Program. This program is vital our school’s success. Our music programs draw in new students to our KS1 years. All Prior Weston students learn to play their choice of the Violin or Cello in year 1 and 2.

In December of 2018 we provided the budget for the Winter Performances before Winter Break. It was a great time for whole school to enjoy some theatre, music, and dancing in their own school.

Year after year we support the Egg Hatching program which is a fun an education activity that all the kids absolutely love.

In June 2015 Caroline, Assistant Headteacher, received £2,000 to support Project Week and The Happening – the money was spent on materials and supplies. The committee thought that these events serve the whole community, augment the curriculum and provide uniquely defining Prior Weston experiences and memories that the children will always hold on to.

In June 2015 the PTA also approved £250 spend for Teacher Zoe to build a full size WWII Anderson shelter and victory garden providing an immersive learning experience for Y6, supporting their history studies and their class book, Goodnight Mister Tom.

In Feb 2015 Y4 teachers Kelly, Louise and Tamzin came to us for £250 for materials for the children to create their own Prior Weston soft drink, including market research, taster sessions, package design, product making and a product presentation to “Dragons Den” style panel. This was to augment the curriculum.

In Feb 2015 we funded Caroline’s initiative to bring a theatre company into the school to run workshops across all the years during the Shakespeare-themed Book Week. They then returned later in the month to perform an adaptation of “Twelfth Night” to the whole school. The cost was £1,800.