Day & Residential Trips




We have pledged to support extra curricular activities, such as school trips, as long as the money lasts. The Head Teacher distributes this funding across the year groups as they see fit.

Although we cannot make the residential trips (Y6 farm journey & Y4 journey) free, we have pledged, for as long as the money lasts, to underwrite the journeys so that no child will be excluded due to financial circumstances.

Where does the fundraising money go?

In the 2018-2019 school year PTA contributed over £13,000 towards school trips/initiatives.

School Trips:
Reception: Theatre
Y4: Kingswood
Y5: Farm Trip
Y6: Movie
Y6: Street Art
Y6: Globe Theatre
Y6: London Eye

For the 2019-2020 school year we are anticipating contributing £20,000 for trips/initiatives.

Our first spending priority is around school trips. We have made the following pledge:

For as long as we have the money, all day trips will be free to the children and for as long as we have the money, no child will be left behind because their parents can’t afford to send them on a residential trip.  

Our second spending priority is to invest in non-religious, inclusive events which bring the whole community together. Teachers and parents can come to the committee with suggestions to put on a community-building event, for both children and parents. These events are always as inclusive as possible.