How we spend money

Unusually for a PTA we don’t just put the money which we raise into the school coffers. We take on the extra work of directing the money to valuable and focused initiatives. To this end we give the school a tranche of money each year.

Our first spending priority is around school trips. We have made the following pledge:

For as long as we have the money, all day trips will be free to the children and for as long as we have the money, no child will be left behind because their parents can’t afford to send them on a residential trip.  

Our second spending priority is to invest in non-religious, inclusive events which bring the whole community together, such as The Harvest Festival, The International Food event, The Festival of Lights and The Quiz Night. Teachers and parents can come to the committee with suggestions to put on a community-building event, for both children and parents. These events are always as inclusive as possible.