PTA Lottery Club

The PTA lottery – it could be you!

Our Lottery helps the PTA raise money. It’s simple – just print out and fill in this  PTA lottery entry form and hand in the form with the payment at the School Reception Office for attention of PTA Treasurer.

For every £1 you invest, you’ll have one ball in the monthly draw and a chance to win 35% of all entries. The rest of the proceeds will be paid into the PTA bank account and will be used to meet funding obligations for day trips and residential trips, PTA Teachers Fund and PTA Parents Fund.


1.    The amount you select dictates how many entries you get in the draw per month. For example, £1 per month = One entry to the draw per month. £5 per month = Five entries to the draw per month. £10 per month = Ten entries. It is entirely up to you the amount you would like to put forward.

2.    The draw will be made every month. This will take place following confirmation of monies received. Therefore the November draw will take place in December. The December draw in January and so on.

3.    We offer a guaranteed minimum monthly prize of £75.  As more parents join the club the prize will only get bigger (we will give back in prize money 35% of the money received).

4.    The Prior Weston PTA Lottery Club is a private lottery and is open to all parents, carers, staff and friends of Prior Weston Primary School and Children’s Centre. Anyone age 16 or over can join.

5.    An annual payment must be made by cheque, cash or direct debit. We are unable to take monthly cheque/cash payments.

6.    Alternatively, a monthly standing order can be set up. One month’s notice is required for cancellation.

7.    Members allocated numbers will only be entered into the draw if their payment is up to date.

8.    The winning cheque will be left with PRIOR WESTON SCHOOL RECEPTION OFFICE for collection.

9.    The name of each month’s winner will be posted in the school newsletter and an email sent to PTA Lottery Club Members.

10.    The PRIOR WESTON PTA LOTTERY CLUB will be run by the PTA. In case of any dispute the decision of the Committee is final.

11.    If a winner cannot be contacted or the cheque remains uncollected, the winnings will be placed into PTA funds after six months.