The Auction of Promises

Auction of Promises – 20th Anniversary on 22 June 2017 raised £18,000

This year’s 20th Auction of Promises was a great success! The PTA are yet to tally all the money raised, but so far the live auction raised a grand total of £18,000.


Thank you to all the PTA members, parents, friends, admin staff and everyone else who made it possible on the night.

We had an amazing collection of over 140 promises this year from beautiful artwork and delicious food to helicopter, bus and train rides!

This annual event is our big fundraiser – the income it generates varies between £12,000 – £18,000 each year. The concept is simple – parents, teachers and children donate either a ‘promise’ or an object. Typically, we receive over 100 donations which are compiled in a professionally produced catalogue. Then, on the big night, these are sold off to the highest bidder. We have many parents who are known artists and sale of artworks makes a significant contribution to our income. An exhibition of auction artwork is hung in the school a couple of weeks before the event, so that parents and children can enjoy the contribution of our artist community.

Here are some previous auction catalogues to browse through:

Download the catalogues: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 |  2014  |  2013  |  2012